Who we are

The Winn Clinic is a not for profit service established by the Australian Psychoanalytical Society (APAS) to help connect people seeking treatment with independent mental health practitioners. Initial consultations are carried out by psychoanalysts, who are all members of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), and able to refer patients for ongoing treatment.

Who we help

All kinds of people turn to therapists and analysts to help them better understand themselves, relieve distress and find satisfaction in life. Some have a specific issue, like anxiety, depression or panic attacks, while others experience more general negative feelings, such as aimlessness, inhibition or chronic distress, which can affect their personal, professional or sexual relationships. We help a wide range of people, although we are not able to help people in acute crisis.


Need urgent help?

Unfortunately, we’re not equipped to help in a crisis. If you have an urgent, life-threatening concern, please contact Emergency 000, Lifeline, or an Emergency Department of your closest hospital.



Here you will find some of the essential studies and research materials that are shaping our understanding of the unconscious mind.

What is psychoanalysis?

Ron Spielman

How can psychoanalysis help me

A downloadable brochure for patients explaining what psychoanalysis is and how it may help them.

Imagining Freud

Maurice Whelan

Thinking about infants and young children

Martha Harris (Routledge, 2007)

Becoming a person through psychoanalysis

Neville Symington (Karnac Books, 2011)