Introduction to The Winn Clinic Perinatal Service

The period surrounding the birth of a baby can stir up emotions that are difficult to manage. Intense and sometimes unexpected feelings can develop which can be challenging. Becoming a mother or a father can be an emotionally unsettling time. The birth of a new family member can affect everyone in the family and strain relationships. Feelings from the past and worries about the future can emerge. Many mothers and fathers who have experienced emotional difficulties can find the perinatal period to be a precarious time.  

The Winn Clinic Perinatal Service is a consultation and referral service designed to assist both mothers and fathers in the perinatal period who are experiencing emotional difficulties.  There are many types of psychological therapies available to assist and it can be difficult to navigate. Whilst postpartum depression is widely known, antenatal anxiety and depression are less well known. The Winn clinic’s perinatal service is designed to assist mothers and fathers who are unsure of the type of psychological therapy best suited to them.

If you are interested in the Winn Clinic Perinatal Service, please complete an application form online  below:

Perinatal Services Application for Mothers (click here)

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