The Winn Clinic will only consider a patient for referral after the consultation has been completed. The Winn Clinic does not make Referrals for urgent or high-risk cases.

Referral for treatment

Based on the recommendation provided by your consultant, the Winn Clinic may recommend psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy, or another form of treatment. The Clinic will then endeavour to source a qualified mental health practitioner.

Appointments with practitioners for Referral are subject to availability; it may take some time before the Winn Clinic can arrange an appointment for you. You will be notified of any significant wait times. You are under no obligation to see the practitioner allocated to you, however alternative allocations may not be possible.

The Winn Clinic reserves the right to deem that an individual is not suitable, at this time, for referral for treatment.

Fees for treatment following referral

Treatment will be charged at the rates advised to you by your allocated practitioner. The Winn Clinic does not set and has no control over individual practitioner fees. You should discuss and agree on the fees with the practitioner to whom you are referred.

Low-fee treatments

In the interests of improving accessibility to psychotherapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, the Winn Clinic may sometimes, in appropriate cases, refer individuals for treatment by supervised trainee practitioners who may offer low-fee treatments.

After referral

Once you commence treatment with the practitioner to whom you have been referred, you will no longer be a patient of the Winn Clinic and the Winn Clinic is not responsible for coordinating your appointments or liaising with practitioners in connection with your treatment.