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 Useful Publications

Becoming a Person through Psychoanalysis by Neville Symington (Karnac)

Thinking about Infants and young children by Martha Harris (Karnac)

What is psychoanalysis  by Ron Spielman (Ebook)  - Download
Imagining Freud by Maurice Whelan
- Download

 Brochure and Animation for General Practioners and Health Professionals

Below is 1. a downloadable brochure for patients / clients explaining what psychoanalysis is and how it may help them. There is also a 2. downloadable animation concerning psychoanalysis which provides a short (two minute) audio-visual presentation which attempts to explain in an accessible way what psychoanalysis is and how it works.

How can Psychoanalysis help me - Download

The brochure is designed to help patients understand something about the nature of psychoanalytic treatment and the conditions for which is indicated. It also provides contact details for arranging a psychoanalytic consultation to explore the possibility of this treatment.

Psychoanalysis for me ... - Download/View

The animation is designed to provide an accessible way of gaining an impression of what is involved in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic treatment.


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