If you are interested in having psychoanalytic treatment but don’t feel quite sure about whether it is the right treatment for you or you would like to know more about the commitment and cost involved, it may be helpful to have a psychoanalytic consultation (Consultation).

Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about Consultations.

What is a Consultation?

A Consultation aims to provide an individual with a psychoanalytic experience and find out in a personal way if it is of interest. A Consultation usually involves two meetings with an experienced Consultant..

Who would I see?

The Winn Clinic works with independent psychoanalytic Consultants who provide Consultations to patients. Consultants are all psychoanalysts who are members of  the Australian Psychoanalytical Society (APAS).

What would happen next?

The Consultant will discuss with you their recommendation about what might be the best next step. Some people find a psychoanalytic Consultation quite a therapeutic and helpful experience in its own right and decide to leave it at that. For others, a referral for treatment such as psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy might be helpful. If the Winn Clinic considers appropriate, having reviewed the recommendations from your Consultant, it will arrange for you to be referred to an independent mental health practitioner for treatment (Referral). Please see our Referral page for more details. Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy is not the right approach for everyone and other options may be suggested.

How much do Consultations cost?

The Winn Clinic's activities in relation to Consultations are free of charge, but Consultations will be chargeable to you at the rates advised to you by the Consultant. The Winn Clinic does not set and has no control over individual Consultant fees. You should discuss and agree the fees with your allocated Consultant. The Winn Clinic is not responsible for your relationship with individual Consultants. You are responsible for ensuring you keep your appointments and pay the Consultant's fees. If you are unclear on the fees payable for Consultations, you should ask your practitioner for full details before proceeding.

What happens after a Consultation?

After a Consultation, the Winn Clinic may refer you for treatment (Referral) by a qualified mental health practitioner. The type of treatment you are referred for will depend on the recommendations of the Consultant, but may include psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Please see our Referrals page for further details.

Who might benefit from Psychoanalysis?

There are many reasons why individuals may seek treatment, such as:

• Problems achieving long-term success in relationships or developing satisfactory relationships
• Difficulty achieving success in work or school settings, despite potential ability
• Recurrent anxiety or panic attacks
• Recurrent episodes of depression
• Struggles in child-rearing issues
• Difficulty coping with change or transitions
• If you feel stuck in your life, blocked in making decisions or taking action in important areas of your life
• If you have difficulties in your sexual life

Psychoanalysis is not for everyone and it is not a suitable form of treatment for some types of problems and mental health difficulties. Someone engaging in psychoanalysis needs to be motivated enough to want to understand him/herself, to have a capacity to reflect upon and discuss the issues affecting his or her life, and to be willing to invest the necessary time.

Who might be better served by other types of therapy?

Who might be better served by other types of therapy?
The Winn Clinic does not accept applications for Consultation for urgent or high risk cases. If you believe you are or someone you know is in immediate danger or at risk of serious harm you should contact your local casualty department at your nearest hospital, or contact the emergency services immediately by calling 000.
In particular, the following individuals may be better served by other types of therapy or assistance:

• Individuals in crisis
• Individuals who are struggling with substance abuse
• Individuals needing active or immediate psychiatric care
• Individuals suffering from cognitive impairment or psychosis
• Individuals with a history of violence towards others or themselves

Who are applications accepted from?

Applications must be made by a patient him- or herself or, for children and adolescents, by the child or adolescent's parent, guardian or responsible carer. In some cases, clinicians in the community, schools, colleges or universities, or other services, may recommend that the Winn Clinic consider a patient's application.
The Winn Clinic reserves the right to decline to put forward an individual for a Consultation where the Winn Clinic volunteers consider in their sole discretion that a Consultation is not suitable for the individual at this time. Please see our response to the question "Who might be better served by other types of therapy?" above for more information.

How can I find out more?

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